Lewis Cass Hunt

Captain Lewis Cass Hunt commanded Company C 4th Infantry at Ft. Steilacoom on paper early as 1856, but not in person until 1858.  He was born in 1824 at Ft. Howard near today’s Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Hunt graduated 33rd in a class of 38 from the USMA in 1847. A veteran of the Mexican War and stations on the Pacific Coast, Hunt at one point shared a room with Capt. H. Ulysses Grant at Ft. Humboldt. Captain Hunt commanded Company C through its service on San Juan Island from August 1859–April 1860, its occupation duty at Fort Townsend, and its transfer down the West Coast to its reassignment East at the beginning of the Civil War.

In 1859, Hunt began courting his post commander’s eldest daughter, Abby Casey. This put Hunt in conflict with one of his company officers, Lt. Arthur Schaaf. Schaaf, too, was interested in Abby, but was inclined to over-indulging in alcohol. Abby accepted Lewis’s proposal for marriage and the two were married on November 28, 1860 at the fort. Lt. Schaaf did not attend the wedding.

In 1862, Hunt was wounded leading the 92nd NY Vol. Infantry at Fair Oaks, VA, an engagement in which Hunt served in the third brigade of a division commanded by his father-in-law and a Corps commanded by another Ft. Steilacoom alumnus, E.D. Keyes.

Recovering from his wounds, Hunt convalesced with his growing family at duty stations such as New Bern, NC and New York Harbor. For the latter half of the war, Brig. Gen. Hunt was the commander of the 1st Brigade/4th Div/18th Army Corps. He returned to the 4th Infantry after the war as a major and later assumed the colonelcy of the 14th Infantry in 1881.

Hunt suffered for most of his life from chronic dysentery and intestinal problems, a lifelong illness that was exacerbated by his service in Mexico. He died from this illness shortly after arriving for duty at Fort Union, New Mexico on September 6, 1886. Col./Bvt. Brig. Gen’l Hunt was buried in the National Cemetery at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.